Wye Security Out on Patrol

When ever you have to leave your home or business for a holiday or just for the weekend, there is always a nagging fear that something ‘nasty’ might happen when you are not there.

But what can you do? Do you have to carry this worry with you and potentially damage that much needed ‘down time’?

The good news is that the answer is definitely NO. There is a way of protecting your premises when you are not there, this being just one of the services offered by Wye Security Services.

Night and Day, Wye’s team of mobile security staff are out there patrolling Monmouthshire, Gwent, Gloucestershire and the South of Herefordshire all with the aim of keeping their clients’ property safe, as well as any occupants, should anyone be at home.

Wye Security Mobile Patrol Making Sure All is Well

Not only do they rush to the scene when an alarm (intruder or fire) is triggered, but they are also continuously roving the area, appearing ‘out of the blue’ and unannounced, thus keeping any ‘wrong doer’, be they a burglar or vandal guessing about whether they are safe or not.

Basically put, the site of a ‘these premises are protected by Wye Security’ is enough to make that intruder move on to less well protected prey…

If you would like to know more and have true peace of mind do contact us, we are after all here to keep you and your property safe from harm.