Insurance and Security go hand in hand and have a lot more in common than you may think.

For instance, in both cases if something goes wrong or you have a breach in Security and things get stolen or damaged, you will end up wishing you had both of these essential protections in place.

And of course, putting either insurance or security in place after the event is no use at all, bringing to mind the old saying ‘It is no use closing the stable door once the horse has bolted’.

No, the time to put both in place is as soon as you have something that needs to be protected. Be it your home, business premises or equipment, such as vehicles or stock .

Just recently we saw how a local coach company had had many of its vehicles damaged, while not so long ago, a charity had some mini buses stolen. Both had a severe effect on the ability of those companies to carry out their duties and both could well have been stopped by having some form of visible security protection.

Just a simple sign, backed up with alarm response and random mobile patrols has proved to be enough to cause the perpetrators of crime to look elsewhere for an easier target.

Thus these two essentials are something you just have to have…

Insurance is the obvious one, as you will more than likely need to repair or replace any damaged/missing items.

Security on the other hand is something that does not always come to mind, until you have an intruder and realise that had you had it in place, that it could well have stopped that break in and all the damage in the first place..

When you look at it from that angle, Security starts to really look like something you just cannot do without. 

Wouldn’t it be better not to have the burglary or vandalism in the first place? That way you would not have to clear up the mess or make the claim, which also could save you money (no extra premiums to pay).

Now, it’s not true to say that Security will stop intruders in every case, but there is no doubt that they reduce the chances of an incident and when they do happen, reduce the amount of damage.

And better still having a Security firm like Wye Security Solutions providing you with this essential service won’t cost you as much as you might think.

Peace of mind is just one of the services that Wye Security offers

But it gets better, as when you are covered by Wye, you also get peace of mind…

So don’t wait until the horse has bolted, or the milk has been spilt, contact us or call us today and give yourself some extra protection against things going wrong.