Something to think about next Bank Holiday?

It is a big shame, but there is no doubt that burglars and thieves do take advantage of any bank holiday as they have more time to make their attacks on business premises.

This is just what happened to a customer of Wye Security over the Easter Bank Holiday.

Bank Holiday Intruders

The bad news for the intruders was that the premises they decided to burgle was protected by CCTV and the mobile reponse team at Wye.

The result was that within 4 minutes of the alarm being triggered, our team was on the scene, with the Police arriving soon after.

It is no co-incidence that the Police arrived either, as it is a well known fact that they are more likely to respond when they know that the alarms are monitored and that a security firm like Wye will also be responding to make the property secure.

If you want to sleep that bit better over the next bank holiday, I really suggest that you call Wye Security.