There is no doubt, the World is full of Dangers for Businesses

Businesses of all types and sizes are under increasing levels of threat these days. Cyber attacks are often in the news, with companies being held hostage until they pay extraordinary amounts of cash. But with money getting ever tighter, the levels of physical crime are likely to rise over the coming months.

Good Physical Security is Essential

As mentioned above, digital security is often the one that springs to mind these days, something that has resulted in physical security taking second place when budgets are being considered.

But is this really a good idea? There is no doubt that protection again Cyber attacks and intrusion is necessary to stop hacking attempts, but physical protection of staff and assets also needs consideration.

Types of Physical Business Security

Basically speaking, physical security measures keep unauthorised people away from a business’s property, assets, stock and staff. This reduces theft and damage as well as staff injuries.

There are three types of security measures, which when used together enable a business to protect itself just as well as it can, no system being 100% effective against a determined attack. These 3 areas are:-

  • Deterrent
  • Detection
  • Protection

A high level of Deterrence can be really helpful when it comes to what is known as ‘crime displacement’, that is when the burglar or thief is ‘encouraged’ to go elsewhere when they see signs telling them that mobile security patols are in operation, or that the site is protected by a security firm like Wye Security.

High fences, security lighting and the presence of CCTV cameras are another reason why a likely intruder will decide to move on to easier pickings. Even an alarm box on wall has some effect.

When it comes to detecting a break in or fire, there are numerous types of sensors, some reacting to the sound of breaking glass, others to movement or the presence of heat. When connected to a monitoring system and an associated alarm response team, any break in or fire will soon be dealt with. CCTV is another way that intruders can be detected, and with this in mind, the cameras need to be carefully placed to give them the maximum possible ‘lines of sight’.

Physical Protection is best initially provided by the use of fences and gates, these preventing or at least delaying any attack. However, these on their own are not enough. The physical presence of a security guard or mobile patrol is also essential.

Used Together, They Offer High Levels of Protection

All of these measures are intrinsically linked together, in that mobile patrols and guards on the gate not only provide physical protection, but also act as a deterrent. This is one of the reasons Wye Security uses such highly visible patrol vehicles. Just having one appearing now and then – we never have a set time to visit the properties we are protecting, varying them so as to keep any intruder guessing – is enough to displace the threat.

So, whilst it is necessary to protect your business from data theft and hacking attempts, please don’t forget the physical security of your premises, it could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.