With Petrol, Diesel and Oil Prices on the rise are thefts likely to increase too?

Are your fuel storage areas and vehicles safely protected?

All the signs are that they will. Nick Zapolski, founder of ChooseMyCar.com has said the theft of petrol and diesel is likely to “go through the roof” as prices rise. Not that they have ever been low. For example in 2018, £1.1million of fuel was stolen from the London area alone, with the true total cost being perhaps as high as £9million pages across the UK.

And it’s not just car, van and truck drivers that are going to be affected, farmers and even householders could also find themselves under attack.

Steps vehicle owners should take

Secure the area where a car is parked where possible and always practice defensive parking so thieves can’t reach the filler cap, this being proven to reduce the ability to syphon off fuel.

And, where it is possible and safe, drivers should park so that the fuel cap side is parked opposite the kerb (which makes it more difficult to attack) or close to a wall so that the cap is totally inaccessible.

Lockable filler caps should always be used as these “seriously deter” thieves.

But as mentioned above, its not only vehicle fuel tanks that are likely to be attacked, the larger oil tanks used by homeowners for heating oil, or vehicle companies and farmers for diesel are also ripe targets. This is yet another reason many people are turning to CCTV to improve their defences.

There is however another way to reduce the risks of fuel thefts, and that is to employ a security company like Wye Security. Our ‘protected by signage’ and highly visible mobile patrols proving to be a real deterrent, something which in turn lowers the likelihood of theft or vandalism.

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