Peace of Mind For Home Owners

Many home owners have had alarms fitted over the years, the peace of mind being well worth the cost of the installation.

But what if the alarm goes off? What happens then, especially if the home owner is away?

It is a sad fact that the Police are just too busy to attend to every alarm, the number of false alarms further reducing their willingness and ability to attend.

This is where WyeSecuritySolutions can help. We are offering a brand new inexpensive way of ensuring that when your alarm is triggered we will send a team to make sure all is well.

Of course, we can also provide Residental Security Teams (RST) which are on the premises 24/7.

With WyeSecuritySolutions it’s all about providing the service the client wants, needs and can afford.

If you are worried about your security, please do contact us. We are here to help.

Watch out for our advertisements regarding our ‘residential alarm response service,’ or better still call us for details.